Tidal Wave

It was like standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean during at storm. She only needed to topple and fall and the currents would devour her. The crowd roared at her. She closed her eyes feeling the eddies and currents of the screams as the concert hall worked itself in to a frenzy. The band stood silent, poised and waiting in the darkness. The ocean subsided. The storm settled. The depths instinctively waiting for the land to scream back.


She struck a loud harsh chord, tearing through the silence. The ocean erupted again, wilding thrashing in answer to the taunt.


A satisfied smirk pulled at her mouth. Her gaze shifted, a low glance to the lead at her left. The spotlight struck him and he began to play. Intricate themes spilled from his guitar, his fingers dancing over the instrument with such skill and finesse , he was like a symphony all on his own.

She gave him several bars then brought in her base. Soft deep undertones echoed his theme at a lazier cadence. The high hat behind them ticked a hushed rhythm. The ocean swelled, a towering wave rushing towards the cliffs.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The bass drum thundered and the drummer rolled each percussion away. The ocean roared at the land and land roared right back