The Watcher

On the shore of the sea stands a lone building where The Watcher resides. The Watcher keeps watch over the calm blue seas, waiting to alert The Guardian if trouble should wash ashore.

These seas are not always such a calm blue azure, nor the dawn light such a radiant gold. There are mornings when the ruler of the ocean rises from the depths, with a horned crown and thrusts a watery sickle at land in angry protest.

At The Watcher’s call The Guardian will arise, in glorious armour and brandishing a flaming sword. The two giants, gods of sea and land meet in furious battle, casting wind and rain and thunder and lighting.

The Watcher sees it all, from the little lone house. Each time The Guardian is victorious and sends the ruler of the ocean back to the kingdom in the deep. Never in this lifetime has the ocean taken the land, though if it had there wouldn’t be a watcher to tell the tale.

Picture: Alma Thomas, The Stormy Sea, (1958)
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