Dream A Little Dream

I dreamt of him again last night. We were on a beach and he was dressed in white linens. A soft warm breeze chased the sand as he walked towards me. I told him that this was about as cheesy as it gets and he laughed at me like I was an idiot. He pointed at something behind me and when I turned the dream changed, but I thought I’d woken up. I was sitting at a desk with him looking at a large book. I studied his face which was now covered in old scars. He scowled at me, peering over the rim of his glasses and tapped the book that I was supposed to be reading. There was a picture at the top of the page, a picture of a beach on a sunny day. I suddenly felt dizzy and unhinged. What was real and what was the dream? I woke properly then, unsure of where I was until my flatmate cranked the tunes up in the other room. What are these dreams trying to tell me? What is the significance of the book?