Favourite Authors

Ben Galley

Has to be top of the list. Hilarious, quick witted, dark and heartbreaking. Not only is Ben a great author, but an all round great guy too. An epic and dark fantasy author who really engages with his readers. He rocks social media, his main site is here: bengalley.com

Robin Hobb

The author that destroyed me. After following Fitz’s journey for more than twenty years it was devastating to get to the end. The epic adventure left me unable to settle on a new book for months. www.robinhobb.com

L J Ross

My guilty pleasure away from fantasy/sci fi. The DCI Ryan stories are mostly set in Northumberland and the north east of England. It’s great reading drama set in places that you know. .www.ljrossauthor.com

K T Davies

Witty and clever series that is turning in to a saga! K T Davies skilfully leaves out Breed’s gender by simply never referring to it. https://kdavies.net

Clive Barker

Weaveworld was the first book that really drew me in and got me hooked. I really love Clive Barker’s fantasy stories. www.clivebarker.info

Terry Pratchett

No explanation needed. Just a wonderful and funny world to get lost in. https://www.terrypratchettbooks.com

Brent Weeks

Another author of epics sagas and another author who actively engages with his readers. www.brentweeks.com

J R R Tolkien

Elves, orcs and men, the saga of all sagas.www.tolkien.co.uk